Vibrant memories

This is a project that is under construction. The purpose of this installation is to produce a state of awareness and connection between people using sound vibrations. To this end, the exhibition consists of a sculpture, a sound installation and a performance.

The sculpture is inspired by the shape of the inner ear and thus becomes an object of veneration of the beauty of the invisible and wonderfully functional of our complex inner anatomy. This tiny auditory labyrinth allows us to connect sound, memory and emotion as well as providing us with the balance we need to function in the world. Our entire reality is conditioned by this small organ that interprets the vibrations of the environment and connects them with our emotions, favoring states of high vibrational intensity that can be shared, provoking a connection without words.

The piece is displayed surrounded by an installation of instrumental strings prepared to be played and tuned in G minor that can be played during the performance and also by the public throughout the exhibition.