Incubator of forms

The incubator of forms is a constantly evolving project that is part of my creative process with ceramics. It must be seen as a set of pieces, a kind of universe of organic and plant forms with which I reflect on the shape and gesture of life.

It can be understood as a way to land ideas that often begin to be quite abstract and that take shape intuitively as I let my hands work the clay on a shared exploration. On one hand, there is a desire to represent a concept in a formal investigation, and on the other hand I find myself with the language of clay, its softness and its technical limitations. In this intermediate dialogue it is where the pieces are born, halfway between my thoughts and what they decide to make their hands in contact with the mud.

The Viver of pieces is therefore a laboratory of experiments and drafts where I incubate the ideas of other projects as I reflect and exploit the expressive possibilities of these forms.

It is also the pleasure of creating and being connected to form and material and seeing as the nursery grows, a group of pieces is consolidated that as a whole evokes to me the subtle rhythm of life.