Garden of Delights

The project “Garden of delights” proposes a physical, formal and imaginary exploration of the sexuality of plants as a projection of a universal sexuality. With this I propose to revisit the “Vital Net” of Empedocles’ cosmogony in which everything is part of a whole, discriminating all the later patriarchal theories that derived from it and I wonder how the vision of life, of the connection with the rest of living beings, of the consciousness for the planet would have developed… Sexuality as the origin of life, but from a freer, more universal place, centered on creation, pleasure and play instead of reinforcing the idea of dominant roles and genders. In my fantasy, the sexual aspects of plants merge with those of humans, the genders merge, blend together to create a large, undefined, abundant and creative mixture of forms.

This fruitful, vegetal and anthropomorphic universe is above all a vindication and celebration of a broad, free and creative sexuality.


  • White stoneware pieces with some glazed parts.
  • Approximate size of the pieces: 8 - 12 cm.